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22 April 2021

COVID-19: Continuing our Personal Service to you

We would like to reassure you of our continued commitment and personal service to you throughout the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

Since the initial lockdown in March 2020, almost all Redmayne Bentley employees across the UK have been working remotely as we follow UK government guidelines. We will continue to do so for the foreseeable future while closely monitoring the situation and any changes to guidelines that affect our employees and clients. However, our robust working practices and processes ensure we continue to:
  • provide you with a high standard of personal service
  • support your investment needs 
Below we have detailed some important guidance and information, including:  
If you have any queries, please contact your usual Redmayne Bentley Investment Manager, Stockbroker or Office. We will continue to provide any significant updates on this webpage:
You can also keep updated by:  
We thank you for your continued business, understanding and support in these challenging times, and extend our best wishes to you and your families.
Communicating with Us
  • Contacting Us by Email: For general enquires it is recommended that you email your Redmayne Bentley contact or for assistance.  However, please continue to telephone us with any dealing instructions.
  • Contacting Us by Telephone: You may continue to contact your Investment Manager, Stockbroker or other Redmayne Bentley contact using their direct number. However, please note, that we are experiencing higher call volumes, so it may take a little longer to get through to us.
  • Contacting Us by Post: In accordance with government requirements, we are restricting the presence of staff in our offices to an absolute minimum. Therefore we ask that, where possible, you use an alternative medium to contact us.
  • Meeting Us Face-to-Face: We are adhering to government guidelines and therefore our offices in England are able to hold face-to-face meetings outdoors in a private garden or public space. Some offices may be able to offer meetings indoors where social distancing is possible. However, if you prefer, video and telephone calls can be arranged. Please contact your usual Redmayne Bentley office if you would like to arrange a meeting.
Contract Notes and Statements
If you have Client Web Access (CWA), Contract Notes and Statements will be uploaded to your CWA account. Where an item is uploaded to your CWA account an email notification will be issued to you.
Registering for CWA
If you are not already using CWA, we strongly encourage you to do so if possible. CWA will ensure we are able to provide you with a continuous service, with quick and easy access to your account documentation online, as well as enabling our staff to work from home as much as possible.

You can request CWA access at:
If you have previously been set-up with CWA, but have forgotten your:
  • CWA Password: please use the password reset facility on the CWA login page.
  • CWA User ID: please contact your Investment Manager, Stockbroker or Office and they will be able to assist you. 
Corporate Action Notifications 
If we have an email address for you, we will send details of any new Corporate Action relating to your holdings via email direct to your inbox. Notifications for any mandatory events will now be sent after the effective date.
Certificated Share Transactions
We are currently permitting sales of certificated stocks and shares for clients. During national lockdowns we temporarily suspended this facility due to the uncertainty of the impact the pandemic would have on postal services. However, we have listened to your feedback and we can now safely offer this service again for our certificated clients. For any client who wishes to purchase shares, we request that any such transactions are made only in Nominee (i.e. electronic) accounts to allow us to continue to provide you with this service given the ever-changing situation. When placing a certificated sale, it is important to remember that the valid share certificate and completed Crest Transfer form will be required to complete the sale. When sending these documents to us, please ensure that your account number or bargain reference number is quoted on the top of the Crest Transfer form (this can be written on). This will enable us to easily identify the transaction that the paperwork relates.

Payments into your Account
We ask that all payments are made electronically via our Client Web Access facility or alternatively at 

Protecting yourself from Investment Fraud
A major worldwide event such as the COVID-19 pandemic can cause widespread anxiety or even panic, and has also presented criminals with the opportunity to commit fraud. The pandemic has given rise to new scams, and when it comes to financial services, scam activity can be extremely well-planned and executed and, therefore, difficult to spot. Read our Investment Fraud page for information on how to protect yourself.

Security of Client Assets
Please be assured during these difficult and volatile times that having been in business since 1875 Redmayne Bentley is financially secure and your assets and investments with us are safely protected and ring-fenced. For more information read our Investment FraudProtection of client assets and our Pillar 3 Disclosures pages. 
Latest News and Commentary
During these challenging times it is important to remember that markets and economies are resilient. They have continued to offer significant returns over the long term despite significant events such as World Wars, great depressions and financial crises. Read more at History is on our side and our Latest News page.

Investment Expertise straight to your inbox
We are pleased to be able to provide complimentary investment publications for all of our clients to assist with understanding the key themes that are shaping today’s markets. Produced by our dedicated in-house investment research team, Market Insight and 1875 offer in-depth analysis of the UK and global economic backdrop, while exploring current thematic issues at both a macro and micro level.
To view the latest issues, or to subscribe today, please visit our Publications page.

COVID-19: Continuing our Personal Service to you