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If you have any queries, or if your question is not answered in the list below, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Can I donate shares to a charity?
You can donate shares to a charity if the shares are held in a Redmayne Bentley Nominee Portfolio. We can transfer shares to a charity that you nominate, to one of the charities that we work with, or to ShareGift (, an organisation that aggregates and sells donated shares, giving the proceeds to a wide range of UK charities
Can I have my dividends paid into my bank or building society account?

Yes, please contact your usual Redmayne Bentley executive or office and they discuss with you how this can be arranged.

Can I keep my portfolio if I move overseas?
Yes, unless you have moved to the US or Canada, in which case we will not be able to keep your portfolio open.

If you are an existing client who has moved elsewhere, you can continue to trade but your stock will have to be held in a Nominee portfolio and we will require evidence of your overseas address, such as utility bills or bank statements, in English, before you can trade.

Please note that we are unable to continue the Advisory Managed Service to clients who are resident overseas.

Can I open a portfolio if I live outside the UK?
As a UK-based Investment Manager and Stockbroker, our primary client base consists of clients resident in the UK.

We may consider opening a portfolio for a client resident in a country outside the UK in accordance with regulatory guidance and after determining if the nature of business is consistent with the services we offer and/or our business model.

The decision to open a portfolio for a client based in a country outside the UK will be influenced by:
  • The purpose or reason for the portfolio, i.e., why you want to open a portfolio with Redmayne Bentley as a UK Investment Manager and Stockbroker and the nature of business you expect the account to be used for.
  • The type of portfolio, e.g., an Individual account, a Company portfolio, a Trust portfolio etc.
  • Your country of residence or domicile and the level of regulatory and money laundering/terrorist financing controls in place in that country.
If it is agreed that a portfolio can be opened this will be subject to the provision of required information regarding the identity of the client and any documentary evidence deemed necessary to verify the information given. This will differ depending on the type of portfolio and the country of domicile/residence.

It should be noted that we cannot, under any circumstances, open portfolios for the following:
  • US Citizens or those with a connection to the US e.g., place of birth, place of work etc.
  • Canadian residents.
  • Advisory portfolios for any client based outside the UK.
Can I subscribe to more than one ISA?
Only one Stocks and Shares ISA and one Cash ISA can be subscribed to in any single year. However, the annual allowance (£20,000 for the current tax year) can be split between them.
Can I trade on a portfolio that is not in my name?
If you are not an existing client who we have checked for anti-money laundering purposes we will require identification from you.
Can I transfer shares held with another provider to Redmayne Bentley?
Can I visit a Redmayne Bentley office?

Our offices can hold face-to-face meetings, on an appointment-only basis, if video/telephone calls are not suitable for your needs. Please contact your usual Redmayne Bentley office in advance to arrange a face-to-face appointment.

Can I vote at AGMs?
Voting instructions should be emailed to or submitted via your usual office or executive.
How can I obtain a consolidated tax certificate?
If you have a nominee or other custody portfolio with Redmayne Bentley you will be provided with a consolidated tax certificate following the end of each tax year.

How can I close my portfolio(s)?
Please contact your usual Redmayne Bentley executive or office and they will arrange this for you.
How can I make a payment to my portfolio(s)?

If you are a client of Redmayne Bentley you can make a secure payment online anytime via our client portal. Alternatively, telephone your usual Redmayne Bentley executive or office.

How can I open a portfolio?
For a managed portfolio please telephone an investment manager on 0344 259 0001. For stockbroking services please call 0113 243 6941.
How can I subscribe to your New Issue/IPO mailing list?

You can subscribe to our New Issue/IPO mailing list by competing our online form, alternatively contact your usual Redmayne Bentley executive or office.

How can I subscribe to your publications?

You can subscribe to our Publications by competing our online form, alternatively contact your usual Redmayne Bentley executive or office.

How can I unsubscribe from publications and mailing lists?
Contact your usual Redmayne Bentley executive or office to update your marketing preferences.
How can I update my bank details?
Contact your usual Redmayne Bentley executive or office to update your banking details. You will then be contacted by telephone and taken through security to verify the change. You may be asked to provide additional documents.
How can I update my contact details?

In our online portal, myRB, you can request an edit on the 'My Profile' page for a phone number or email address change. For an address change please phone your usual Redmayne Bentley executive or office.

If you hold any of your shares in certificated form, you will need to inform the registrars for each of your share holdings.

How can I withdraw funds from my account?

Contact your usual Redmayne Bentley executive of office. You can also make a request to them via our online portal, myRB, by creating a new message with the category ‘Request for Withdrawal’.

How do I obtain a valuation or other account documentation?

Our online portal, myRB, enables you to:

• View portfolio documents, including contract notes and statements.

• View all portfolio balances, holdings, valuations, activity and performance.

• Access Corporate Action events, view the current election status and event details, and also submit elections (Stockbroking portfolios only).

How do I place an order?

Please contact your usual office or Redmayne Bentley Executive to place an order over the telephone. Please note that we cannot accept instructions by email.

How do I pursue a career in stockbroking?
Please see our Careers section.
How do I view my account online?

To access our online portal, myRB, please contact your usual Redmayne Bentley executive/office.

I have lost my certificate, what should I do?
You will need to contact the registrar and arrange for a letter of indemnity. You will usually have to pay for this. You cannot sell your shares if you have lost your certificate. If you do not know who the registrar is, please contact your usual office
What are your charges?
Details of our charges can be found at
What are your terms of business?
Our Terms of Business can be found at
What do I need to know about investment fraud?
We have created a dedicated webpage to provide you with more information about investment fraud and ways in which you can protect yourself. Please see our Investment Fraud page for further details.
What is investment management?
This refers to our various discretionary services where we manage your portfolio for you and make the decisions on your behalf and also our advisory services where we provide you with advice on managing your portfolio. Further details on these services can be found on our investment management pages.

What is the difference between the Advisory Investment Management Service and the Dealing with Advice Service?
Our Advisory Investment Management Service is appropriate for those wishing to retain overall control of their portfolio while benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of our investment managers. Your investment manager will also be available to discuss any ideas you may have. Your investment manager will provide input into both the construction and on-going maintenance of your portfolio, ensuring that any advice is tailored with only you in mind. 

The Dealing with Advice Service is designed to assist on a proactive or reactive basis, providing advice on individual transactions. However, your investments are not monitored on an ongoing or holistic basis which is the case with our Advisory Managed Service.

Redmayne Bentley offers focused independent advice.
What qualifications do stockbrokers and investment managers need?

In order to be a stockbroker with Redmayne Bentley, take orders from clients and trade with the market, you will need be in a Certified role. This requires you to hold a full qualification, e.g., CISI L3 Certificate in Securities or other equivalent accredited body qualification. New entrants will be required to hold or be working towards gaining two of the CISI L4 Investment Advice Diploma papers, i.e., UK Regulation and Professional Integrity and the Securities module.

For investment management, as a result of the Retail Distribution Review (RDR), the minimum requirement is for individuals to hold a full level four RDR compliant qualification, e.g., CISI L4 Investment Advice Diploma, as detailed in the FCA’s appropriate qualifications table. The table lists the qualifications that individuals need to attain in order to carry out certain activities for retail clients. 

Investment managers are also required to hold a valid Statement of Professional Standing (SPS) and complete 35 hours continuing professional development (CPD) per year, of which 21 hours must be structured and 3.5 hours of ethics.

For further information on the various qualifications offered then please refer to the accredited bodies’ individual websites: CISI QualificationsCII QualificationsCFA Qualifications

What services does Redmayne Bentley offer?
Redmayne Bentley offers execution-only Stockbroking and Investment Management services, including ISAs, JISAs and SIPPs.
Where can I find information about investing in stock markets?
We have produced a range of fact sheets which aim to provide you with information on a range of topics. These are available from You can also subscribe to our Publications
Who can I contact about a contract note?
Please contact the executive or office  you placed the order through and have the bargain number as detailed on the contract note to hand.
Who can I speak to about my portfolio?
It's always best to try to speak to your usual office or executive in the first instance, as they know your portfolio(s).
Who can open a portfolio?
A portfolio can be opened by a UK resident individual who is over 18 or a limited company, trust or registered charity.
If you are unable to find the answer to your question(s) in this section, or you have any other queries or questions regarding our services or products, please contact your nearest Redmayne Bentley location or call the Leeds Head Office on 0113 243 6941.
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