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Established in 1875, Redmayne Bentley is one of the leading independently-owned private client investment management and stockbroking firms in the UK with over 25 office locations nationwide.

Execution-Only STOCKBROKING Services

Our execution-only stockbroking services provide you with direct access to UK and overseas equity markets and various asset classes, and allow you the option of talking to a qualified stockbroker before executing a trade. We act on your instructions and offer no advice as to whether such an investment is suitable for you. We may contact you about, or discuss with you, certain investment opportunities but these will not constitute a personal recommendation.

Whether you are buying or selling shares for the first time or you are a seasoned investor, we aim to offer you a personal stockbroking service. Our stockbrokers are happy to discuss your investment objectives, your available options and provide timely and relevant information. Under this service, all the decisions on what to buy and sell are yours.


Investment Management

We ensure that your specific individual needs are central to the entire investment management process when creating and managing your portfolio. As such, our expertise is in the whole of the stock market, whereas some other providers may be restricted to house models, in-house buy-lists or in-house funds. With no such constraints placed upon our investment managers, we can ensure that the portfolio and service we provide is tailored with only you in mind. The result is that we create, advise and manage individually tailored portfolios that are designed to achieve your investment objectives and timescales.

Our discretionary investment management service may be suitable if you wish to invest, but do not have the time or expertise to manage your own portfolio. You will have direct access to your investment manager who will provide you with a personal service and will keep you informed about your portfolio’s performance and the investment decisions made.

Our managed portfolio service (MPS) is an online, discretionary managed service designed for clients that have £20,000 or more to invest (or £9,000 in a JISA). You can benefit from the expertise of our professional investment managers while tracking your portfolio online at any time of day.

Our advisory investment management service may be suitable for you if you wish to be actively involved with your investments, but would benefit from the skill and expertise that direct access to one of our investment managers can provide.


Our advisory managed and dealing with advice services provide advice on all types of investment instruments that might be suitable for our clients, but do not provide universal financial planning on non-investment instruments or products. Universal financial planning of this nature is available via our separate Financial Planning service.
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