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Managed Portfolio Service

Our Managed Portfolio Service (MPS) utilises the expertise of our dedicated strategic asset allocation and research committees to shape model portfolios which invest in individual equities and bonds, as well as collective funds.
With our MPS we provide a different management solution, based on our ability and expertise to actively manage portfolios across a range of asset classes. While technology certainly helps, you can be assured that at the foundation of our process are experienced investment managers actively monitoring portfolio performance and being agile enough to respond to changing market conditions.
We don’t just use collectives or passive funds which track the market, like most other providers. We invest in direct equities and bonds and utilise the ‘best-in-class’ fund managers where we believe it adds value to the portfolio.
We are, therefore, able to build and maintain truly diversified portfolios that aim to deliver growth over five years using a full asset class mix.

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Bespoke Discretionary Services

Tailoring each portfolio specifically for each client.

AIM-IHT Portfolio Service

Designed to provide IHT exemption through Business Relief.

Your Portfolio Service

Your clients, your branding, your portfolio service. 
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