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New Issues/IPOs

An Initial Public Offering/Flotation/New Issue is simply the first sale of shares in a company, usually to institutions like private equity houses, asset managers and pension funds. In some cases individuals can apply for shares directly at a fixed price. New Issues also occur when a quoted company issues additional shares.

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Allocation Announcement: Golden Lane Housing 3.9% Retail Charity Bond 2027

7 November 2017

Please note that applications for the Golden Lane Housing 3.9% Retail Charity Bond 2027 are now closed and allocations have been announced.

Key points:

  • Due to high demand, the application close date was brought forward by the issuer from Wednesday 15th November to Friday 3rd November 2017.
  • All applications of £500 have been met in full.
  • All applications above £500 have been scaled back, with details of this included on the contract note.

Please refer to the Redmayne-Bentley Allocation Policy for further details.

What happens next?

Confirmation of holdings: If you have applied for the Golden Lane Housing 3.9% Retail Charity Bond 2027 through Redmayne-Bentley, a contract note* will be issued on Tuesday 7th November 2017, confirming your allocation.

*Clients using the Client Web Access (CWA) service and who have opted to receive 'e-contract notes' will be alerted by e-mail when the contract note is available to view securely within CWA. Please note new accounts set-up for this Offer will be issued with an 'e-contract note' where an e-mail address has been provided. If you are not currently using CWA - register today.

If you have subscribed to this Offer, the allocation made to you will be contractually binding. Please refer to the Redmayne-Bentley’s Terms and Conditions for this Offer and also Redmayne-Bentley's general Terms and Conditions.

If you wish to sell your holding: If you applied for shares through Redmayne-Bentley, you may sell these from Tuesday 7th November 2017 when conditional dealings commence. Unconditional dealings begin on Friday 24th November 2017, this is also the settlement day for this issue. You should contact your usual Redmayne-Bentley branch to sell your shares.

Please be aware that investments and income arising from them can fall in value and you may lose some or all of the amount you have invested. The payment of income and the return of capital could be in jeopardy in the event that the parent company has problems meeting its financial obligations. 

Un-invested monies: Any residual monies will be refunded no later than one day after the settlement day of the Offer. Please note that in certain circumstances it may take longer than our regulatory requirement to return money to you within one business day, due to a change in the way we manage some of the client money we may hold for you. This situation is very unlikely as we actively manage the supervision of client money, however, it may occur in the instance that one of the institutions with whom we hold client money (or Redmayne-Bentley itself) fails. If you hold a deposit account or you applied in your ISAJISA or SIPP, the funds will be retained in these accounts. If you don't hold a deposit account, the funds will be returned to you by BACS or by cheque. Please note when receiving payment from us there is a cheque payment charge of £2 but no charge for BACS payment. To receive future payments by BACS, please download, complete and return our Settlement by BACS form or request one by contacting your usual Redmayne-Bentley branch

Key Dates

  • Tuesday 7th November 2017: Issue of contract note and start of conditional dealings.
  • Friday 24th November 2017: Listing on the London Stock Exchange and the start of unconditional dealings.

If you have any queries regarding this Offer, please contact your usual Redmayne-Bentley branch.

This information is issued by, and is the sole responsibility of, Redmayne-Bentley LLP.

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