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We have compiled a comprehensive A-Z glossary of share dealing and investment terms.


The top companies on the US NASDAQ market (with a bias to technology and smaller companies).

The act by which a nation takes possession of assets without requiring the owner's consent, with or without payment of compensation.

Negligible Value
Shares in companies which have gone bust and which the Inland Revenue recognises as a capital loss.

Net Asset Value (NAV)

A mutual fund's price per share or exchange-traded fund's (ETF) per-share value. In both cases, the per-share amount of the fund is calculated by dividing the total value of all the securities in its portfolio, less any liabilities, by the number of fund shares outstanding.

New Issues
An issue of shares: when a company either comes to the market for the first time or issues extra shares

The main Japan-based companies.

Redmayne (Nominees) Limited or any other Nominee company appointed by Redmayne-Bentley from time to time that we decide to use.

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