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Cookie Policy

Like most websites we use cookies at and . A cookie is a small text file placed on to the device you use to access our websites.

The table below details the cookies we use on our website.

Type of Cookie The reason for using this cookie Websites
Authentication Cookies An authentication cookie identifies you to our Client Web Access service. This means that the service can identify that we are dealing with the same user from one request to another. Without this cookie, you would need to log in on every page. This cookie is encrypted for security and expires when you log out or within 30 minutes. Client Web Access
Session Cookie A session cookie holds data about a website user for the duration of the visit. These are encrypted for security and expires when you log out or within 30 minutes. Client Web Access
Persistent Cookie This cookie is used if you wish to set a branch as your default location so that every time you visit our website your usual branch office contact details will be displayed. This cookie applies only if you make a selection (see branch office pages at You can change this selection at any time. Redmayne-Bentley
Persistent Cookie This cookie is used to track visitors referred by specific marketing activity, and able to measure the effectiveness of such marketing activity. Redmayne-Bentley
Google Analytics Cookies Google Analytics cookies collect information about how visitors use the website i.e. for statistical purposes. Such information is used to improve our websites by tracking visitor and activity. For more information on the Google Analytics privacy policy please go to: Client Web Access


Through your browser it is possible to enable and disable cookies.

Please note that our website contains links to external websites. We cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the content of these websites.