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Case Study: Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Paul Gowland, Director of Fundraising at Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA) gives his views on Redmayne-Bentley.

Case Study: Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

Investment ideas, advice and decisions:
As an independent Charity, we rely on the help of groups, individuals and businesses to help us raise the £9,990 every day, or £3.6million each year. We are keen to open up as many different income channels to our supporters to enable them to choose a way to support us which suits them wholly. As part of this, we have a 'Gift of Shares' scheme which allows individuals to donate shares to the Charity's portfolio. Redmayne-Bentley manage the YAA portfolio as appopinted by the Charity's Trustees. Redmayne-Bentley were chosen because of what they stand for. They are a Yorkshire based company who have family at their heart, as well as being experts in their field. After one meeting with Michelle, our Investment Manager, we were comfortable that she knew exactly what we were looking for from our portfolio, and also how to grow it.

Coping with the ups and downs:
The YAA have a very cautious approach to risk. Being a Charity, we are purely custodians of the monies or shares our supporters so kindly donate to us, so we have a responsibility to the people of Yorkshire to make sure those monies or shares are invested wisely and ethically. We work closely with Redmayne-Bentley to ensure this happens for our portfolio.

Achieving your goals:
The 'Gift of Shares' scheme is a modern income stream for the YAA, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with Redmayne-Bentley to help us better manage and grow our portfolio.

Getting a fair deal:
Redmayne-Bentley has been open and honest with the Charity from our first meeting with regards to any charges we may incur which is important to us.

Meeting your expectations:
Not only has Redmayne-Bentley become the shares partner for the YAA, the team have embraced what the Charity is about and are looking for other ways in which they can support us. They quickly adopted our shoe recycling campaign to help raise funds and are also looking at other ways in which their team can fundraise on behalf of the YAA including hosting fundraising events. The team are all very friendly and approachable, and talk to us in English! We are not baffled by financial terms that we don't understand, and they are helping us to learn more about how we can best manage and grow our portfolio.

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