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18 September 2019

Surprise fall in inflation as video game prices drop

UK consumer price inflation saw a surprisingly sharp fall this month, dropping to 1.7%; its lowest rate since 2016.

James Rowbury, Investment Research Coordinator at investment management and stockbroking firm Redmayne Bentley, said: “The plummet has been largely attributed to the fall in the price of recreational and cultural goods, which is principally made up of video games. Clothing and sea fares also had a material impact on the figures.

“This will be a welcome relief to consumers, who will see their spending power increase as wage growth continues to outstrip inflation. Furthermore, the figures ease pressure on The Bank of England, who has been given some leeway on its 2% target. This allows the Bank to make a potential rate cut at the next Monetary Policy Committee meeting before Brexit.”


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Surprise fall in inflation as video game prices drop
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