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01 March 2021

IPOs on the Horizon

Scotland-based pioneer craft beer brewery BrewDog has been the subject of a rumoured IPO since 2018, though the company has always maintained that it would wait for market conditions to be suitable. Rumours are that the time has come, with 2021 being the year that BrewDog will move beyond the crowdfunding stage of its development.
UK-based food-delivery business Deliveroo is rumoured to be announcing its IPO in early March, though the company refuses to comment on the speculation.  
With 140,000 restaurant partners and 110,000 delivery riders in the UK and overseas and 9.6 million downloads of its app, the company posted that it had been profitable “at the operating level” for more than six months in 2020 and reported operating revenue of £771.8m in 2019, up an impressive 62% on the previous year.
EG Group
The appointment in January of Stuart Rose as non-executive chairman of UK-based convenience store and fuel retailer EG Group, fuelled expectations of an IPO. Said to be valued at around £10bn, the group previously announced that it will be taking over supermarket chain Asda, regulatory approval for which is expected in the first half of 2021.
PensionBee announced on 15th February that it had accelerated its IPO plans and that they  would issue an “early invitation to customers to register their interest”, meaning that they would be able to link their PensionBee pension to the IPO and buy shares at the same time as large institutional investors.
No longer rumoured, Trustpilot has announced its plan to list in London. Founded in 2007 and based in Copenhagen, the company hopes to raise US$50m and gain a market valuation of around £1bn. 
The Trustpilot website has four billion views each month and includes over 94 million reviews which allow users to identify trusted reviews of products and services, avoiding fake reviews.
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IPOs on the Horizon
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