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25 June 2018

Cambridge investment managers look to the future after five successful years

When Mark Rigby opened the Cambridge office of investment management and stockbroking firm Redmayne Bentley in June 2013, it seemed he had his work cut out.

It had been a somewhat nerve-wracking month for investors as concerns over a credit crunch in China and jitters around the US economy led to a sharp fall in FTSE 100 shares – with a total of £94bn wiped off their value.

However, there were also interesting developments on the horizon with the highly-anticipated initial public offering of Royal Mail, with investors wanting to get hold of shares in the company.

There have been plenty of ups and downs in financial markets since then, but Mark and his team have weathered the storms to celebrate their first five years of success in Cambridge.

Mark, who had been working at the firm in London for six years before opening the new Cambridge office, said: “It was a very hectic time for us.”

Of his time so far at Cambridge, a particularly memorable event for Mark was the vote for Brexit. When the result was announced on the morning of 24th June 2016, the FTSE 100 plunged around 8% and the Pound experienced its sharpest drop for more than 30 years.

Mark said: “We didn’t know what to expect that morning. We thought it would be absolute carnage when we arrived in the office that morning. However, by lunchtime, the market had calmed down and stabilised, it felt like we were going to ride it out.

“We thought we would be inundated with orders that we couldn’t fulfil, but it was very calm. We were concerned about the impact of Brexit on EU funding for research companies, but I think, so far, we haven’t been too badly affected. The property market, which is a good barometer of wider market performance, was badly hit at first but seems to have been steady more recently.”

The office has seen some further developments during its first years in business, with stockbroker Luke Simmonds joining the office in 2015, and the team moving from Wellington Road to new premises in Brooklands Avenue in May 2016.  The following year, there was further expansion with the addition of investment manager Jonathan Adams.

It comes during an exciting time for the wider organisation. Redmayne Bentley, which has more than 30 offices all over the country, has undergone a major rebrand, signalling both pride in the firm’s heritage and confidence in its future.

Mark added: “Excellence in customer service is absolutely vital to us and we will continue to strive to remain the best we can be.”

Situated at the heart of the high-technology centre, Silicon Fen, Mark believes the city is an ideal location for the business, with companies such as Astrazeneca, Marshall of Cambridge, Abcam and the Raspberry Pi Foundation based in the area.

He said: “The Cambridge economy is in good shape. There’s a lot of money coming in from overseas and we’re in the right place geographically. Cambridge is a great city to be part of and we look forward to working with people looking for a friendly and accessible service for years to come.”
Cambridge investment managers look to the future after five successful years
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