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15 June 2017

US Fed Reserve increases interest rates by 0.25 per cent

The US Federal Reserve decided to raise interest rates for the second time this year to a range of 1-1.25 per cent - its highest level since the financial crisis began in 2008.

Joel Dungate, Investment Analyst at investment management and stockbroking firm Redmayne-Bentley, said: “The rate rise was widely anticipated and is a signal that the US central bank is confident with the health of the US economy. Consequently, the US is leading the way in the world towards restoring normality with regards monetary policy.

“However, it is not clear that other major economies are ready to follow suit. For this reason, the direction of travel of the US is a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand, of course, a strong US economy is good news because it can help drive global economic growth. On the other hand, a strong US Dollar is usually bad news for emerging economies and, indeed, not good for the UK, where Sterling has already significantly weakened against the Dollar since last June’s EU referendum. The impact of weaker Sterling has been starkly highlighted by the UK’s recent high inflation figures and signs of a slowdown in consumer spending.” 

Notes to the Editor

Established in 1875, Redmayne-Bentley is one the UK’s largest independently owned investment management and private client stockbroking firms, with 37 regional offices throughout the UK and in the Republic of Ireland.

Redmayne-Bentley has experienced commentators available for comment on personal finance and stock market issues. 

US Fed Reserve increases interest rates by 0.25 per cent
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