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06 February 2023

A future shared: Rikki Atkinson shares her journey from apprentice to Assistant Manager

One of the ways Redmayne Bentley has ensured excellent client service for over 145 years is discovering and developing talented and committed colleagues to help grow the firm. 
To celebrate Apprenticeship Week, we’re sharing the stories of Redmayne Bentley colleagues who began their careers as apprentices. 

Rikki Atkinson grew up in Leeds and is a keen Leeds United fan and enjoys going to the theatre. She is Acting Assistant Manager of Anti Money Laundering (AML) at Redmayne Bentley and shares her thoughts on why joining the company as an Apprentice ISA Administrator was the right choice for her career and why schemes like this help to find talented employees.

“My apprenticeship lasted 18 months and gave me the chance to learn on the job, while also studying for a CISI qualification, completing coursework, core modules and exams. Afterwards, Redmayne Bentley offered me a role as an ISA Administrator, then I moved to the AML team - which works to verify accounts - as an AML Compliance Officer and am now Acting Assistant Manager of AML.”

Why did you become an apprentice?

“When I left school, you either went to university, or you found a job. I wanted to carry on learning, but I didn’t want to just sit in a classroom. I wanted to be doing a job, while I was studying.
“I could have gone to university, but I would have potentially found the same job at the end of it.”

Why did you choose Redmayne Bentley? 

“I remember seeing the job advertisement and it looked interesting. When I came for an interview, everybody was so friendly, and the apprenticeship was also appealing because they offered financial support throughout the scheme, and I was paid a salary.
“I think it’s fantastic that the company offers apprenticeships because it builds a diverse talent pipeline, helps companies match the skills of employees to the skills they need and helps develop excellence by encouraging continued growth and development.”

What are your ambitions? 

“I would like to continue to grow within the company and take on more senior roles at Redmayne Bentley, as and when they become available. There is always plenty more to learn, and there is always the opportunity to continue to upskill and develop my career.”

What are the benefits of learning while doing a job?

“It helped me gain a deeper understanding of what I was learning, because I had to apply my learning to my day-to-day role and that meant I had to really think about and understand my approach and think about ways I could do things better.
“I also got to learn from different people within the team and benefit from their experience and insight.”

Would you encourage others to consider apprenticeships? Why?

“Yes, definitely. It is a fantastic opportunity because learning on the job means you get valuable life skills and experience of the workplace that employers are looking for.
“If you go to university, you have to find a job afterwards. With an apprenticeship, although there are no guarantees, you are in a good place if a suitable role comes up because you already have a foot in the door.
“It is important to remember it is not an easy route though, you must be committed and prepared to do a job and fit in studies on top of that.”

If you had to pick one thing you love about being an apprentice, what would it be?

“It is a challenge and an opportunity to gain experience and you build so many skillsets. It gives you a head start in life because you gain a qualification and skills for life which are relevant to the workplace.”

Anything else you want to highlight?

“If the opportunity to become an apprentice comes up, I urge people to consider it because it is a terrific way to start your career.”

Redmayne Bentley is one of the UK’s largest independent investment managers and stockbroking firms. If you are interested in hearing about any future apprenticeships, please send your CV to

A future shared: Rikki Atkinson shares her journey from apprentice to Assistant Manager
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