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08 February 2023

A future shared: Lewis Jeng shares his journey from apprentice to Stockbroker

One of the ways Redmayne Bentley has ensured excellent client service for over 145 years is discovering and developing talented and committed colleagues to help grow the firm. 
To celebrate Apprenticeship Week, we’re sharing the stories of Redmayne Bentley colleagues who began their careers as apprentices. 

Lewis Jeng started his career as an apprentice in the operations team. After completing his Level 3 IOC, Lewis moved to the Dealing Room to become a Dealing Assistant. Throughout the years his career has progressed, and he currently works as a Stockbroker. 
Outside of work he is a very keen footballer and avid supporter of Arsenal FC but living in Leeds makes it difficult to go to many games. He also likes to climb, swim, and go to the gym. Cooking is also a big passion, and he regularly makes meals for friends and family. He shares his thoughts on his career journey.

Why did you become an apprentice?

“When finishing my A-Levels I had the opportunity to attend university or apply for apprenticeships. I was not 100% convinced university was for me and not even sure what course I would like so that led me into the apprenticeship world.
“I began my apprenticeship journey by supplying my CV to a company called BPP who specialise in apprenticeships in the financial and law sectors. finance was the area I was most interested in and my favourite subject in sixth form was economics, so when the opportunity to apply for the Redmayne Bentley apprenticeship arose, I immediately applied.” 

Why did you choose Redmayne Bentley? 

“I felt that the apprenticeship that fit me the best would be one where I could take professional exams, gain experience in different aspects of the company, and have a clear path of progression for my future career. After my interview and speaking to my interviewees, I concluded that the apprenticeship with Redmayne Bentley was the correct fit.”

What are your ambitions? 
“My ambitions are being able to support the dealing team as much as possible and help those who are training to become fully qualified brokers.” 

Describe your typical week and what you enjoy most

“My typical work week is mainly split into two sections, the first is helping Leeds execution-only clients by answering general queries over the phone and placing any dealing instructions they provide. The second is executing orders that come from the office network and the Leeds team. These are more likely to be bulk orders for several clients when rebalancing portfolios. 
“I enjoy working within the dealing team in Leeds as everyone is available to help each other and cover if I am busy executing a large or difficult order and they are also able to lend their experience and knowledge.”

What are the benefits of learning while doing a job?

“During my time on the Dealing Team, I have been able to complete my Level 4 IAD qualification. With this, alongside the knowledge I have gained from more experienced dealers, I am able to provide a great level of service to our clients. 
“I believe learning from other colleagues, especially in the areas of the business that you do not work in, gives you a greater understanding of the entire client journey. This can include how a client is set up, to being verified, to dealing on their account, to the settlement of the holdings and subsequent payment of funds.”

Would you encourage others to consider apprenticeships? Why?

“Yes, I would encourage others to apply for apprenticeships as you can gain industry standard qualifications alongside gaining experience from mentors and colleagues. This is a great balance for any young professional, especially if they are unsure if university is for them.” 

If you had to pick one thing you love about being an apprentice, what would it be?

“Starting a role through an apprenticeship meant I was slightly apprehensive that I would not be treated on the same level as the rest of my colleagues due to my inexperience and being quiet or reserved in character and being very young looking. I found out I was completely wrong; all my colleagues were helpful and supportive in my role and my studies throughout the 18 months of the apprenticeship.” 

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A future shared: Lewis Jeng shares his journey from apprentice to Stockbroker
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