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28 August 2020

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Ian Marsden, Investment Manager, Redmayne Bentley

In August this year, Ian Marsden, an Investment Manager based in Redmayne Bentley’s Locksbottom office, was featured in an article published by Citywire’s Wealth Manager outlining the book which has grabbed his attention this summer.

Relating to the current socioeconomic tension between China and the US, Ian read a title by British historian Donald Sassoon detailing capitalism and globalisation in the 19th and 20th centuries, as he outlines in the piece below.

“As concerns mount over China’s challenge to US hegemony, the threat of ‘de-globalisation’, and how societies will cope with technological advances, not least automation, I thought it apt to finally read Donald Sassoon’s epic The Anxious Triumph: A Global History of Capitalism 1860-1914, which reviews the rise of capitalism and the first period of globalisation.

“Sassoon covers one of the momentous periods in human history in gripping detail, writing engagingly throughout and peppering the reader with facts and figures in a style which never becomes tiresome or dull.”

For the full Wealth Manager article, please visit:
Page Turners
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