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Case Study

12 July 2017

Malcolm is a VIP

As a former journalist and photographer, having captured images of wildlife in some of the most remote areas of the globe, Malcolm Severs has seen a great deal of adventure and excitement in his life.
Malcolm began his career as a radio journalist in Christchurch, New Zealand. He moved to the UK in 1976 with his wife, whom he met when he was working as a radio journalist and she was travelling the world in her work with ITN.
After leaving Fleet Street newspapers in 1992, Malcolm became a professional photographer, capturing images of bears, wolves, foxes and seals in the Arctic and sea birds west of Scotland.
Now retired, he is looking to invest to help ensure a financially secure future for his family, including his three grandchildren.
Malcolm’s wife had dealt with another wealth manager but, dissatisfied with the service they were getting, she went to Redmayne Bentley following recommendations from others regarding their service. He said: “She heard some very good things about you.”
Malcolm took over the account after his wife passed away in 2014. His investments are looked after through the firm’s Value Investment Portfolio (VIP) service.
The service, open to those with investments of £40,000 and over, has an overall objective of medium to long-term creation and preservation of wealth, utilising an overall medium level of risk.
Investments are diversified geographically, with asset allocation usually made up of FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 stocks, collective investments, exchange traded funds, gilts, fixed interest and cash.
Investments are managed by a qualified member of Redmayne Bentley’s investment management team, under the oversight of the investment committee.
Malcolm’s investment manager keeps him up to date on his investment strategy with quarterly market reports. He said: “I just give my investment manager carte blanche to do what he needs to do. I can get hold of him whenever I need to, and that’s a good thing. He is brilliant and always on top of the game.”
Malcolm can view his portfolio any time, through the client web access system. He said: “Redmayne Bentley’s website is excellent, and easy to use. I’m more than happy with it.
“I haven’t got any complaints at all about the service and I would absolutely recommend it to other people.”
Malcolm is a VIP
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