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26 May 2016

It is the duty of the wealthy man, to give employment to the artisan.

For retired photographer John Lawrence, this line from Lord Finchley by Hilaire Belloc sums up discretionary investment management.

“And it’s very true!” says Mr Lawrence. “I see investments as a bit like car mechanics; if you can do it yourself, that’s fine. But if you don’t feel you know a great deal about it, it’s best to get an expert in.”

Mr Lawrence, who has two children and has been with his current partner for many years, has been a client since 2009. Having been left a sum of money, Mr Lawrence had been considering ways to invest this when one day he drove past the firm’s branch on The Avenue, Southampton. He then decided to take a look at the firm’s website to see what it could offer.

Mr Lawrence had an initial meeting with branch manager Conrad Fry and stockbroker John Evans.  He said: “I felt this was a professional stockbroking office, and I was very impressed with the organisation.” His investments are managed through the firm’s discretionary service. Through this bespoke service, his portfolio has been constructed by an investment manager and tailored to his aims and objectives. This has been achieved by gaining a thorough understanding of Mr Lawrence’s individual circumstances and capacity for risk.

He added: “As a discretionary client. I find the service brilliant. It is as good as it can be.

“Whilst I’m aware that companies’ fortunes change, I feel my investments could prove good for the future, and with any income I gain from the shares, I reinvest everything. I can live within my means even though I’m retired.

“If I need anything, I can just pop into the office. I have a long-established relationship with Redmayne Bentley and I’m really glad I went to them.”

Whilst there has been a general trend within the investment industry trend of increasing the minimum value required for bespoke investment portfolios, Redmayne Bentley remains committed to the smaller investor, with its bespoke investment services available to those with a portfolio size of £50,000 and over.

Mr Lawrence said: “There was a time when going to a stockbroker was seen as a luxury, and it doesn’t have to be. I’m not a company director, I was a professional photographer.”

And whilst it is widely assumed that investors dabble in the stock market mainly for personal gain, Mr Lawrence sees it as a way of supporting companies, from major multinationals to smaller firms, and the people who work for them.

“People assume you only invest in the stock market for personal gain, but I think it’s right to assume people are doing it to help others and to invest in industries. Wealth is not just about personal money, it is about maintaining a good quality of life for everyone. Successful, well-supported industries are a major contributing factor for promoting that."

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It is the duty of the wealthy man, to give employment to the artisan.
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