Simply enter in how much you would like to invest and for how long.

Regular contribution: Help
This is how much you would like to add into your ISA on a regular basis, either monthly or annually. Please note that the maximum ISA allowance for this tax year is £20,000 or £1,270 per month for a 12 month period.
One-off lump sum payment: Help
This is how much you are going to contribute to your ISA as a lump-sum payment this tax year. This figure is aside from any regular contribution you may also intend to make.
Value of any existing ISAs you want to include: Help
If you have an existing ISA, and would like to include the value into this calculation, please detail here.
Time period (years): Help
This is simply the length of time you wish to invest for. Please note this will not take into account any possible changes to the ISA allowance in future years.
Projected growth rate (%): Help
This is the annual rate of growth you anticipate on your investments. The calculation compounds any growth on an annual basis. This is for illustration purposes only, please note 1) growth of your investments cannot be guaranteed and 2) charges are not applied to the calculation.
Total contribution
In years your ISA could be worth
Total growth over years