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New Issues/IPOs

An Initial Public Offering/Flotation/New Issue is simply the first sale of shares in a company, usually to institutions like private equity houses, asset managers and pension funds. In some cases individuals can apply for shares directly at a fixed price. New Issues also occur when a quoted company issues additional shares.

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New Issues and IPO Allocation policy

Before subscribing please ensure you have read and understood all of the information below. Please note any New Issue or Initial Public Offering (IPO) offers may be restricted to residents of certain geographic areas; please check the offer terms for details.

You should be aware that any application you make in any new issue is subject to scaling back and you may not receive the full amount that you have applied for and the company may scale back (reduce) applications if the offer is oversubscribed. In some circumstances, the terms of the scale back will be dictated to Redmayne-Bentley by the issuer and Redmayne-Bentley will be required to apply these terms across all of the applications received for that particular offer. In other circumstances, the issuer may allocate a total subscription amount to Redmayne-Bentley without specific terms for the scale back and reserve the right to vary allocations between different intermediaries. In the event that this does occur, Redmayne-Bentley may base our total allocation on various factors including on a ‘first come, first served’ or pro-rata basis.

Please note this allocation policy is not exhaustive and Redmayne-Bentley reserve the right to close applications earlier than the advertised closing time and apply scale back terms other than those described in this allocation policy.

Where an offer has been scaled back Redmayne-Bentley will, as a minimum, publish the allocation policy used on as soon as it is available and may communicate it directly to you through post or email. You will also receive a Contract Note confirming the exact number of shares allocated to you.

By subscribing to any share or retail bond offer, you understand that any allocation made to you will be contractually binding.

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