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New Issues Application - Golden Lane Housing 3.9% Retail Charity Bond 2027

These Terms and Conditions for the Golden Lane Housing 3.9% Retail Charity Bond 2027 should be read in conjunction with Redmayne-Bentley’s general Terms and Conditions.

Completion of the Application Process: If you are applying online, please complete each section of the application form. If any details are submitted incorrectly it will be your responsibility to arrange for any subsequent corrections, for which you may be charged a fee. Alternatively, please contact your usual Redmayne-Bentley branch or call us on 0113 243 6941.

Applications are open to retail investors resident in the United Kingdom, Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man only. All applicants must be over 18 years of age. Only one application per individual. Each applicant shall make the following declaration - they warrant and declare that to their knowledge and belief this application is the only such application being made for their benefit (or that of any person for whose benefit they are applying). We reserve the right to decline an application without explanation. Applications will be made in accordance with the information contained in the Prospectus, which is available at

The issuer reserves the right to amend this Offer and issue a Supplementary Prospectus. Should this occur applicants will have the right, in accordance with the Financial Services Market Act (“FSMA”) 87Q, to withdraw their applications. This right will be exercisable before the end of the period of two working days beginning with the working day after the date on which the Supplementary Prospectus is published. Should this situation arise, we will attempt to contact you by e-mail only - it is therefore important that a contact e-mail address is given to us. If no response is received from this communication, it will be assumed that you agree to proceed with your application.

High demand may lead to the Offer being closed early and subsequently the dealing date may also be brought forward. It is also possible that applications may be scaled back or declined. If a scale back does occur, it will be applied to applications in line with the terms set out in our allocation policy. If the Offer is scaled back Redmayne-Bentley will, as a minimum, publish the allocation policy used on shortly after it becomes available. If your application is successful you will also be issued with a contract note confirming the exact number of bonds allocated to you. By subscribing to this Offer, you understand that any allocation made to you will be contractually binding. Please note this allocation policy is not exhaustive.

You may apply and pay for the bonds through the Redmayne-Bentley website using our secure online payment system. Alternatively, please call your usual Redmayne-Bentley branch or 0113 243 6941. No receipt will be issued and no interest will be paid on any monies held. As applications for bonds must be in an ISAJISASIPP or Nominee account, applicants must ensure that they have sufficient free money available on the application closing date (which may be brought forward if demand is high).

Please note that if you wish to apply within an existing Redmayne-Bentley ISA you may need to complete an ISA renewal form. This is available by calling us on 0113 200 6580.

All bonds issued as a result of the Offer will be held on your behalf in the name of Redmayne (Nominees) Limited and you agree for Redmayne-Bentley to open and maintain a Nominee account for you. Your account will be registered in the name(s) given. Full Terms and Conditions of our Nominee facility are available at (alternatively call us on 0113 200 6470 to request a copy).

If you don’t have an ISAJISASIPP or Nominee account with Redmayne-Bentley we will require you to complete and sign a hard copy Nominee Agreement Form before we can release monies and/or stock to you. This form can be obtained via the 'Getting Started' section of our Forms and Downloads page.

If your application is successful you will be issued a contract note confirming the exact number of bonds allocated to you and the amount paid together with the settlement date. Please note this will be made available in our Client Web Access facility if a Nominee account is opened for you in this Offer and you have provided an e-mail address. 

Any residual monies will be refunded no later than one day after the settlement day of the Offer. Please note that in certain circumstances it may take longer than our regulatory requirement to return money to you within one business day, due to a change in the way we manage some of the client money we may hold for you. This situation is very unlikely as we actively manage the supervision of client money, however, it may occur in the instance that one of the institutions with whom we hold client money (or Redmayne-Bentley itself) fails. If you hold a deposit account or you applied in your ISAJISA or SIPP, the funds will be retained in these accounts. If you don't hold a deposit account, the funds will be returned to you by BACS or by cheque. Please note when receiving payment from us there is a cheque payment charge of £2 but no charge for BACS payment. To receive future payments by BACS, please download, complete and return our Settlement by BACS form or request one by contacting your usual Redmayne-Bentley branch

In order to comply with UK anti-money laundering legislation, when we verify your identity, we may check your details at credit reference and fraud prevention agencies when opening your account or subsequently. Please note that Redmayne-Bentley is also required to verify the identity of any third party who is permitted to give instructions on the account. Failure to provide the necessary evidence of identity may result in the rejection of your application, or a delay in the dispatch of your monies returnable, if applicable.

Redmayne-Bentley reserves the right to transfer any bonds allotted to you to its control without prior consultation. Redmayne-Bentley cannot accept responsibility for any losses or delays in the postal system or by e-mail service providers, and in any event liability will not be accepted for consequential loss nor will liability be accepted in the event of default by other parties. If you have any queries regarding your application, please call your usual Redmayne-Bentley branch or 0113 243 6941.

Redmayne-Bentley is acting as an authorised offeror and will be paid 0.25 per cent by the issuer of the amount successfully applied for.

Please note that this communication is for information only and does not constitute a recommendation to participate in this Offer. The payment of income and the return of capital could be in jeopardy in the event that the Issuer or the Guarantor have problems meeting their financial obligations. Investments and income arising from them can fall in value and you may get back less than you originally invested.

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