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e2v technologies | EPIC code: E2V
e2v technologies delivers the radio frequency and sensing technology that enables some of the world's most innovative medical and science, aerospace and defence, and industrial and commercial systems....

Eagle Eye Solutions Group | EPIC code: EYE
Eagle Eye Solutions Group plc is a leading, UK provider of digital consumer engagement solutions to the retail and hospitality industries. The Company provides a digital transaction platform for the...

Earthport | EPIC code: EPO
Earthport plc is a regulated global financial services organisation that specialises in the provision of a white label cross-border payments service. Through its innovative payments framework,...

Eastbridge Investments | EPIC code: EBIV
Eastbridge Investment Trust plc (formerly Qihang Equipment Company Limited, formerly China Wonder Limited) are investing in property and real estate. The company invest in distressed residential...

Eastern European Property Fund | EPIC code: EEP
Eastern European Property Fund Limited's objective is to provide Shareholders with a high level of income and potential for significant capital growth by investing in property in the major urban...

Easyhotel | EPIC code: EZH
easyHotel plc is the international owner, developer, operator and franchisor of branded hotels. Its strategy is to target the super budget segment of the hotel industry by marketing clean, comfortable...

easyJet | EPIC code: EZJ

Ebiquity | EPIC code: EBQ
Ebiquity plc (formerly Thomson Intermedia plc) is the holding company for a Group which continues to provide a range of business critical data, analysis and consultancy services to advertisers, media...

Ecclesiastical Insurance Office | EPIC code: ELLA

Eckoh | EPIC code: ECK
Eckoh plc is the UK's leading developer of speech recognition and IVR solutions for customer contact centres. Eckoh's sophisticated technology enables routine enquiries, transactions or payments to be...

Eclectic Bar Group Ord 25p | EPIC code: BAR

Eco Animal Health Group | EPIC code: EAH
Lawrence plc is a leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of principally specialist chemical and pharmaceutical products for the animal health and farming markets worldwide. Its...

Eco City Vehicles | EPIC code: ECV

Ecofin Water & Power Opportunites | EPIC code: ECWO

ECR Minerals | EPIC code: ECR
ECR Minerals plc (formerly Mercator Gold plc) is a mineral development company with interests in Argentina, the USA, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia. its projects and interests encompass a range of...

Eden Research | EPIC code: EDEN
Eden Research plc is an AIM listed public company with intellectual property and expertise in encapsulation, terpenes and environmentally friendly technologies. We are developing these technologies...

Edenville Energy | EPIC code: EDL
Edenville Energy plc (formerly Gemstones of Africa Group plc's, formerly TV Commerce Holdings plc) is the holding company of a mineral exploration and development group focusing on energy commodity...

Edge Performance VCT | EPIC code: EDGC

Edge Performance Vct | EPIC code: EDGD

Edge Performance Vct | EPIC code: EDGE

Edge Performance Vct | EPIC code: EDGF

Edge Performance Vct | EPIC code: EDGG

Edge Performance VCT | EPIC code: EDGH

Edge Performance Vct | EPIC code: EDGI

Edge Resources | EPIC code: EDG
Edge Resources Inc is focused on developing a balanced portfolio of oil and natural gas assets from properties in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. Management has consistently focused on: 1. Targeting...

Edinburgh Dragon Trust | EPIC code: EFM

Edinburgh Investment Trust (the) | EPIC code: EDIN
Investment Trust whose objective is the achievement of capital growth at a higher rate than the FTSE All-Share Index and dividend growth above the rate of UK inflation....

Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust | EPIC code: EWI

Ediston Property Investment Company | EPIC code: EPIC
Ediston Property Investment Company plc is an externally-managed investment company, which qualifies as a REIT for the purposes of UK taxation. The Company listed on the main market of the London...

EG Solutions | EPIC code: EGS
eg Solutions plc eg solutions is a back office workforce optimisation software company. eg pioneered this new market space and developed the most complete, purpose built workforce optimisation...

Egdon Resources | EPIC code: EDR
Egdon Resources plc is involved in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the onshore UK and Europe. The company currently has a portfolio of oil and gas exploration and production assets...

EIH | EPIC code: EIH
EIH plc (formerly Evolvence India Holdings plc) is an Indian private equity fund of funds holding company. It is incorporated in the Isle of Man. The Company has a Limited Partnership Interest in the...

EKF Diagnostics Holdings | EPIC code: EKF
EKF Diagnostics Holdings plc (formerly International Brand Licensing plc) comprises established businesses with operations in the UK, Ireland, Germany, USA, Poland and Russia (where EKF holds 60 per...

El Oro | EPIC code: ELX
El Oro is a collective investment vehicle and seeks to be competitive with similar investment funds. To achieve this aim, the Board restructured the El Oro Mining and Exploration Company plc to allow...

Eland Oil & Gas | EPIC code: ELA
Eland Oil & Gas plc commenced operational activities in May 2010 with the principal business objective of identifying and acquiring interests in oil and gas assets in West Africa, focused initially on...

Elderstreet Vct | EPIC code: EDV

Eleco | EPIC code: ELCO
Eleco is a group focused on key components of a modern construction project. Through its branded businesses, Eleco delivers Building Products used in the fabric of the building, Software tools used to...

Electra Private Equity | EPIC code: ELTA
Electra has specialised in investing in the private equity market and, through the adoption of a flexible investment policy. Between 1976 and 2005 Electra invested over £3,000 million in private...

Electra Private Equity Investments | EPIC code: ELTZ

Electric Word | EPIC code: ELE
Electric Word plc supports continuing learning for professional communities working in the education, healthcare and sport sectors. It provides specialist information and professional development in a...

Electrical Geodesics | EPIC code: EGI
Electrical Geodesics, Inc. is a medical device company that designs, develops and commercialises a range of non-invasive neurodiagnostic products used to monitor and interpret brain activity. A key...

Electrocomponents | EPIC code: ECM
Electrocomponents distributes a wide range of products to development and maintenance engineers in all types of businesses around the world. We offer our customers unrivalled choice, support and...

Electronic Data Processing | EPIC code: EDP
Electronic Data Processing plc is the largest IT solution provider to the UK independent Builders and Timber Merchants market place and a leading supplier to the wholesale distribution industry....

Elegant Hotels Group | EPIC code: EHG
Elegant Hotels Group plc, which is based in Barbados in the Caribbean, operates five upscale, beach front, freehold hotels and a freehold restaurant. Four of the five hotels and the restaurant are...

Elektron | EPIC code: EKT
Elektron plc's principal activity is the design and manufacture of engineered components. The Group is organised into two divisions and supplies customers worldwide. Elektron Technology :- Elektron...

Elementis | EPIC code: ELM
Elementis is a specialty chemicals company comprising three separate businesses. Each business - Specialties, Pigments and Chromium - holds a leading market position in its chosen sectors. Elementis...

Elephant Capital | EPIC code: ECAP
Elephant Capital plc (formerly Promethean India plc) is a private equity business, focused on generating returns for its shareholders by investing in growth companies in India. Elephant Capital takes...

Emerging Market Minerals | EPIC code: EMM
Emerging Market Minerals plc (formerly LP Hill plc) has recently a Project in Madagascar, in addition, the Directors will continue to seek further acquisitions within the sectors of mineral...

EMIS Group | EPIC code: EMIS
EMIS Group (formerly Egton Medical Information Systems) is the UK's leading supplier of software and related services to GP practices, with approximately 39 million patient records in the UK held on...

Empiric Student Property | EPIC code: ESP
Empiric Student Property plc is an internally managed UK REIT, listed on the London Stock Exchange. The management team, previously principals of London Cornwall Property Partners, has a long track...

Empresaria Group | EPIC code: EMR
Empresaria Group plc is an international specialist staffing group. Empresaria operates in 18 countries with over 800 internal staff and has a strong focus on the development of emerging markets and...

Empyrean Energy | EPIC code: EME
Empyrean Energy plc is a profitable US on-shore oil and gas development and production company focussed primarily on the advancement of its assets in Texas and California. The Company's portfolio...

Enegi Oil | EPIC code: ENEG

Energiser Investments | EPIC code: ENGI
Energiser Investments plc (formerly Billam plc) builds value for its shareholders by investing in growing companies, which in the opinion of the Board, should generate above average returns. The...

Energy Assets Group | EPIC code: EAS
Energy Assets provides gas metering and related services in the I&C segment of the UK gas market and is the largest independent provider of I&C gas metering services in the Uk (by number of meters...

Energy Technique | EPIC code: ETQ
Company has three divisions: DIFFUSION AIR CONDITIONING - Diffusion Air Conditioning offer year round heating & cooling comfort in an ever changing climate with a full range of market leading products...

EnQuest | EPIC code: ENQ
EnQuest plc is an oil & gas production and development company formed from the demerged North Sea interests of Lundin Petroleum and Petrofac....

Ensor Holdings | EPIC code: ESR
Ensor Group comprises several companies, whose activities include the manufacture, supply and distribution of building materials, tools and rubber buffings, the distribution of electric motors and...

Enteq Upstream | EPIC code: NTQ
Enteq Upstream plc is an investment vehicle, focused on acquiring and consolidating companies providing specialist products and technologies to the upstream oil and gas services market. Backing has...

Enterprise Inns | EPIC code: ETI
Enterprise Inns plc is the leading specialist operator of leased and tenanted pubs in the UK....

Entertainment One Group | EPIC code: ETO
Entertainment One Ltd (formerly known as Earl Street Capital Ltd) is the holding company of the Entertainment One group, which it has agreed to acquire pursuant to an acquisition agreement conditional...

Entu UK | EPIC code: ENTU
Entu (UK) plc is a multi-product and service home improvement group providing energy efficiency products and services to homeowners in the UK. Since its inception in 2008, the Group has grown both...

Environmental Recycling Technologies | EPIC code: ENRT
3DM Worldwide plc holds international patents on the PIM Process and associated high technology processing. It operates from its facility in Bedwas which is located near Caerphilly, South Wales. This...

EP Global Opportunities Trust | EPIC code: EPG
The Company's objective is to provide shareholders with an attractive real long term total return by investing globally in undervalued securities. The portfolio is managed without reference to the...

EPE Special Opportunities | EPIC code: ESO
The principal activity of the Company and its subsidiaries (together 'the Group') is to arrange financing for businesses emerging from distressed situations. Whilst the Group may itself make some...

Epistem Holdings | EPIC code: EHP

Epwin Group | EPIC code: EPWN
Epwin Group plc is a UK-based, vertically integrated manufacturer of extrusions, mouldings and fabricated low maintenance building products, operating in the RMI, new build property and social housing...

Equatorial Palm Oil | EPIC code: PAL
Equatorial Palm Oil plc's objective is to become a global producer of sustainable, low-cost crude palm oil (CPO). The Company's operational strategy is expected to be implemented through three core...

Equiniti Group | EPIC code: EQN
Equiniti Group plcprovides complex administration and payment services supported by leading technology platforms to a wide range of organisations, including approximately 70 of the companies in the...

Ergomed | EPIC code: ERGO
Ergomed plc is a UK-based company, dedicated to the provision of specialised services to the pharmaceutical industry and the development of new drugs. Ergomed operates in over 40 countries engaging...

Escher Group | EPIC code: ESCH
Escher Group Limited is a leading provider of distributed messaging and data management solutions and services. Escher Group is a profitable, privately held company, currently employing over 80...

eServGlobal | EPIC code: ESG
eServGlobal specializes in Mobile Money solutions and Value-Added Services (VAS), to help Telco Service Providers increase their revenue and gain and maintain customer ownership. eServGlobal invests...

Essentra | EPIC code: ESNT
Essentra plc (formerly Filtrona plc) is a FTSE 250 company and a leading international supplier of speciality plastic, fibre, foam and packaging products. Through its four principal operating...

Establishment Investment Trust | EPIC code: ET.
The Establishment Investment Trust plc is a UK-listed investment trust managed by BDT Invest, which was launched in March 2002. The Trust's mandate is to achieve long-term capital growth from a...

esure Group | EPIC code: ESUR
esure Group plc is a UK-focused personal lines insurer founded in 2000 by Peter Wood, the foremost general insurance entrepreneur in the UK and the Company's Chairman. The Group has established a...

ETFS Agriculture | EPIC code: AIGA

ETFS Agriculture £ | EPIC code: AGAP

ETFS All Commodities | EPIC code: AGCP

ETFS All Commodities £ | EPIC code: AIGC

ETFS Aluminium | EPIC code: ALUM

ETFS Brent 1mth £ | EPIC code: OLBP

ETFS Brent 1yr | EPIC code: OSB1

ETFS Brent 2yr | EPIC code: OSB2

ETFS Brent 3yr | EPIC code: OSB3

ETFS Brent Oil 1 month | EPIC code: OILB
Oil Securities Ltd provides investors with a simple, efficient and cost effective way of accessing the oil market. The shares are priced off the Brent Contract traded on the International Petroleum...

ETFS Coffee | EPIC code: COFF

ETFS Copper | EPIC code: COPA

ETFS Corn | EPIC code: CORN

ETFS Cotton | EPIC code: COTN

ETFS Daily Lvg Agriculture | EPIC code: LAGR

ETFS Daily Lvg All Commo | EPIC code: LALL

ETFS Daily Lvg Aluminium | EPIC code: LALU

ETFS Daily Lvg Cocoa | EPIC code: LCOC

ETFS Daily Lvg Coffee | EPIC code: LCFE

ETFS Daily Lvg Copper | EPIC code: LCOP

ETFS Daily Lvg Corn | EPIC code: LCOR

ETFS Daily Lvg Cotton | EPIC code: LCTO

ETFS Daily Lvg Energy | EPIC code: LNRG

ETFS Daily Lvg Ex-Energy | EPIC code: LNEY

ETFS Daily Lvg Gasoline | EPIC code: LGAS

ETFS Daily Lvg Gold | EPIC code: LBUL

ETFS Daily Lvg Grains | EPIC code: LGRA

ETFS Daily Lvg Heating Oil | EPIC code: LHEA

ETFS Daily Lvg IM | EPIC code: LIME

ETFS Daily Lvg Lead | EPIC code: LLEA

ETFS Daily Lvg Lean Hogs | EPIC code: LLHO

ETFS Daily Lvg Live Cattle | EPIC code: LLCT

ETFS Daily Lvg Livestock | EPIC code: LLST

ETFS Daily Lvg Natural Gas | EPIC code: LNGA

ETFS Daily Lvg Nickel | EPIC code: LNIK

ETFS Daily Lvg Petroleum | EPIC code: LPET

ETFS Daily Lvg Platinum | EPIC code: LPLA

ETFS Daily Lvg Precious Metals | EPIC code: LPMT

ETFS Daily Lvg Silver | EPIC code: LSIL

ETFS Daily Lvg Softs | EPIC code: LSFT

ETFS Daily Lvg Soybean Oil | EPIC code: LSYO

ETFS Daily Lvg Soybeans | EPIC code: LSOB

ETFS Daily Lvg Sugar | EPIC code: LSUG

ETFS Daily Lvg Tin | EPIC code: LTIM

ETFS Daily Lvg WTI Crude Oil | EPIC code: LOIL

ETFS Daily Lvg Zinc | EPIC code: LZIC

ETFS Daily Short Agriculture | EPIC code: SAGR

ETFS Daily Short All Commo | EPIC code: SALL

ETFS Daily Short Aluminium | EPIC code: SALU

ETFS Daily Short Cocoa | EPIC code: SCOC

ETFS Daily Short Coffee | EPIC code: SCFE

ETFS Daily Short Copper | EPIC code: SCOP

ETFS Daily Short Corn | EPIC code: SCOR

ETFS Daily Short Cotton | EPIC code: SCTO

ETFS Daily Short Energy | EPIC code: SNRG

ETFS Daily Short Ex-Energy | EPIC code: SNEY

ETFS Daily Short Gasoline | EPIC code: SGAS

ETFS Daily Short Gold | EPIC code: SBUL

ETFS Daily Short Grains | EPIC code: SGRA

ETFS Daily Short Heating Oil | EPIC code: SHEA

ETFS Daily Short IM | EPIC code: SIME

ETFS Daily Short Lead | EPIC code: SLEA

ETFS Daily Short Lean Hogs | EPIC code: SLHO

ETFS Daily Short Live Cattle | EPIC code: SLCT

ETFS Daily Short Livestock | EPIC code: SLST

ETFS Daily Short Natural Gas | EPIC code: SNGA

ETFS Daily Short Nickel | EPIC code: SNIK

ETFS Daily Short Petroleum | EPIC code: SPET

ETFS Daily Short Platinum | EPIC code: SPLA

ETFS Daily Short Precious Metals | EPIC code: SPMT

ETFS Daily Short Silver | EPIC code: SSIL

ETFS Daily Short Softs | EPIC code: SSFT

ETFS Daily Short Soybean Oil | EPIC code: SSYO

ETFS Daily Short Soybeans | EPIC code: SSOB

ETFS Daily Short Sugar | EPIC code: SSUG

ETFS Daily Short Tin | EPIC code: STIM

ETFS Daily Short Wheat | EPIC code: SWEA

ETFS Daily Short WTI Crude Oil | EPIC code: SOIL

ETFS Daily Short Zinc | EPIC code: SZIC

ETFS Energy | EPIC code: AIGE

ETFS Ex-Energy | EPIC code: AIGX

ETFS Gasoline | EPIC code: UGAS

ETFS Gold | EPIC code: BULL

ETFS Gold £ | EPIC code: BULP

ETFS Grains £ | EPIC code: AIGG

ETFS Heating Oil | EPIC code: HEAT

ETFS Industrial Metals | EPIC code: AIGI

ETFS Lean Hogs | EPIC code: HOGS

ETFS Leveraged Wheat | EPIC code: LWEA

ETFS Live Cattle | EPIC code: CATL

ETFS Livestock | EPIC code: AIGL

ETFS Longer Dated Agriculture | EPIC code: FAGR

ETFS Longer Dated All Commodities | EPIC code: FAIG

ETFS Longer Dated Energy | EPIC code: ENEF

ETFS Longer Dated Ex-Energy | EPIC code: EXEF

ETFS Longer Dated Grains | EPIC code: GRAF

ETFS Longer Dated Heating Oil | EPIC code: HEAF

ETFS Longer Dated Industrial Metals | EPIC code: FIND

ETFS Longer Dated Lean Hogs | EPIC code: HOGF

ETFS Longer Dated Live Cattle | EPIC code: CATF

ETFS Longer Dated Livestock | EPIC code: FLIV

ETFS Longer Dated Natural Gas | EPIC code: NGAF

ETFS Longer Dated Petroleum | EPIC code: FPET

ETFS Longer Dated Softs | EPIC code: SOFF

ETFS Natural Gas | EPIC code: NGAS

ETFS Natural Gas £ | EPIC code: NGSP

ETFS Nickel | EPIC code: NICK

ETFS Petroleum | EPIC code: AIGO

ETFS Physical Gold | EPIC code: PHAU

ETFS Physical Gold £ | EPIC code: PHGP

ETFS Physical Palladium | EPIC code: PHPD

ETFS Physical Platinum | EPIC code: PHPT

ETFS Physical PM Basket £ | EPIC code: PHPP

ETFS Physical PM Bskt | EPIC code: PHPM

ETFS Physical Silver | EPIC code: PHAG

ETFS Physical Silver £ | EPIC code: PHSP

ETFS Precious Metals | EPIC code: AIGP

ETFS Silver | EPIC code: SLVR

ETFS Soft | EPIC code: AIGS

ETFS Soybean Oil | EPIC code: SOYO

ETFS Soybeans | EPIC code: SOYB

ETFS Sugar | EPIC code: SUGA

ETFS Wheat | EPIC code: WEAT

ETFS WTI 1yr | EPIC code: OSW1

ETFS WTI 2mth £ | EPIC code: OLWP

ETFS WTI 2yr | EPIC code: OSW2

ETFS WTI 3yr | EPIC code: OSW3

ETFS WTI Crude Oil | EPIC code: CRUD

ETFS WTI Oil 2 month | EPIC code: OILW

ETFS Zinc | EPIC code: ZINC

e-Therapeutics | EPIC code: ETX
e-Therapeutics plc is a drug discovery company. It has a proprietary systems biology technology which it uses to discover potential new treatments for diseases for which either there are no existing...

Eu Supply | EPIC code: EUSP
EU Supply plc is the UK holding company of the EU Supply Group, a Sweden-based e-commerce business that has an established, market-leading, multilingual e-procurement platform for e-sourcing,...

Eurasia Mining | EPIC code: EUA
Eurasia Mining plc is an international mineral exploration company, listed on the Alternative Investment Market, currently operating in Russia. Eurasia's stated objective is to explore for platinum...

Eurocell | EPIC code: ECEL
Eurocell plc is a market leading, vertically integrated UK manufacturer and business-to-business focused supplier of innovative window, door and roofline PVC products with a PVC recycling operation....

Euromoney Institutional Investor | EPIC code: ERM
Euromoney Institutional Investor plc is a leading international business-to-business media group focused primarily on the international finance sector. It publishes more than 100 magazines,...

Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) | EPIC code: EOG
Europa Oil & Gas (Holdings) plc has a diversified portfolio of multi-stage hydrocarbon assets that includes production, exploration and development interests, in countries that are politically stable,...

European Assets Trust NV | EPIC code: EAT

European Investment Trust | EPIC code: EUT
Investment Trust whose objective is to secure long-term capital growth by investing in continental Europe....

European Islamic Investment Bank | EPIC code: EIIB

European Metals Holdings Limited Ord Npv Di | EPIC code: EMH
European Metals Holdings Limited is a lithium and tin exploration and development company with assets in the Czech Republic. The Company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Geomet S.R.O., owns mineral...

European Real Estate Inv Trust | EPIC code: ERET
European Real Estate Investment Trust Limited (formerly Matrix European Real Estate Investment Trust Limited) is a closed ended property investment company domiciled in Guernsey and listed on both the...

European Wealth Management Group Limited | EPIC code: EWG
European Wealth Group Limited (formerly EW Group Limited, formerly Kingswalk Investments Limited, formerly Equity Pre-IPO Investments Limited) is the holding company for the fast growing wealth...

Everyman Media Group | EPIC code: EMAN
Everyman Media Group plc is a independent cinema group in the UK. The Company currently owns and operates ten cinemas based in London, the South East of England and Leeds. The cinemas owned by the...

Evgen Pharma | EPIC code: EVG
Evgen Pharma plc is a clinical stage drug development company. The Group's objective is to establish a dominant position in the development of pharmaceuticals based upon sulforaphane and related...

Evocutis | EPIC code: EVO

Evr Holdings | EPIC code: EVRH
Armstrong Ventures plc (formerly iPoint-media plc, formerly Elm Investments plc) is now an investment company. Its Investing Policy will be to invest principally, but not exclusively in the resources...

Evraz | EPIC code: EVR
EVRAZ plc is a large vertically-integrated steel, mining and vanadium business with operations in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Europe, USA, Canada and South Africa and employs approximately...

Ew&po Finance | EPIC code: ECWZ

Exillon Energy | EPIC code: EXI
Exillon Energy plc is an Isle of Man company, with headquarters in Dubai and offices in Russia. Exillon Energy plc is an independent oil company with upstream operations located in two oil rich...

Exova Group | EPIC code: EXO
Exova Group plc is a leading provider of laboratory-based testing and related advisory services, operating from 117 laboratories in 22 countries worldwide. The Group focuses on providing its customers...

Experian | EPIC code: EXPN
Experian plc was demerged from Great Univeral Stores (GUS) in Oct 2006. Experian provides data and analytical tools to businesses to help manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target and engage customers...

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