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Information for Pets at Home Share Offer Applicants

Pets at Home Share Offer: Announcement of Pricing and Allocations for Retail Applicants

12th March 2014

Key Points

  • The shares are being issued at 245p per Ordinary Share.
  • Applications for the minimum of £1,000 have been allocated 408 Ordinary Shares at a cost of £999.60.
  • Applications above the minimum of £1,000 have been allocated 420 Ordinary Shares at a cost of £1,029.00.

The terms of the scale back have been dictated by Pets at Home Group Plc and as such Redmayne-Bentley has been required to apply these terms across all applications received. Please refer to the Redmayne-Bentley Allocation policy for further details.

What happens next?

Confirmation of holdings: If you have applied for the Pets at Home Share Offer through Redmayne-Bentley, a contract note* detailing your allocation of shares will be issued on 12th March 2014, confirming your allocation of shares and the applicable cost.

*Clients using the Client Web Access (CWA) service and who have opted to receive 'e-contract notes' will be alerted by e-mail when the contract note is available to view securely within CWA. Please note this includes all new accounts where an e-mail address has been provided. If you are not currently using CWA - register today.

If you have subscribed to this Share Offer this allocation made to you will be contractually binding. Please refer to the Pets at Home Share Offer Terms and Conditions and also Redmayne-Bentley's general Terms and Conditions.

If you wish to sell your holding: If you applied for shares through Redmayne-Bentley, you may sell these from 8:00am, Wednesday, 12th March 2014 when conditional dealings commence. You should contact your usual Redmayne-Bentley branch to sell your shares.

Please be aware that investments and income arising from them can fall in value and you may lose some or all of the amount you have invested.

Un-invested monies: Any residual monies will be refunded as soon as possible from the settlement day of the Offer but no more than five business days following. If you hold a deposit account or you applied in your ISA or SIPP, the funds will be retained in these accounts unless you request otherwise. If you don't hold a deposit account, the funds will be returned to you by BACS or by cheque. If you are due a refund that equates to a fractional entitlement to part of a share, then we shall refund your entitlement provided such value is £3.00 or more. If the amount due totals less than £3.00, we will donate this amount to Redmayne-Bentley's chosen charity for 2014, St Gemma's Hospice (Charity Registration No. 1015941), unless you otherwise advise us that you wish to receive this.

Key Dates:

  • Wednesday, 12th March 2014: The start of conditional dealings.
  • Monday, 17th March 2014: Listing on the London Stock Exchange and start of unconditional dealings.

If you have any queries regarding this share offer please call your usual Redmayne-Bentley branch.

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