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Defining Your Objectives

What you are looking to achieve with your funds forms the cornerstone of the relationship with your investment manager. It is therefore vital that you consider your objectives carefully.

For individuals, your objectives will depend upon your age, income and lifestyle. For charities, trusts and companies the objectives may be more specific, based upon the purpose of the funds.

The Wine Cellar

You can think of your fund like a wine cellar. Do you need access to the returns now? Do you want to consume it gradually over a few years hoping it will mature in the meantime? Or do you want to lay it down to drink in the future?

Depending on your age, income and attitude to risk, you will need to consider each of these concepts in relation to your fund and choose between objectives of income, a balanced return or growth respectively.

  • Investments and income can fall as well as rise in value; therefore, your capital is always at risk.
  • If you require more guidance with investment decisions or wish to place the management of your portfolio in expert hands, please contact your local branch or call 0113 200 6560 and we will discuss with you the suitability of our services and products.

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