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Discretionary Services

Our discretionary investment management services are particularly suited to people who want to be kept up-to-date with their finances, but either do not have the knowledge or expertise to manage their own portfolio - perhaps because they lead busy day-to-day lives or because they are enjoying retirement.

Bespoke Discretionary Service

The bespoke discretionary service is tailored to suit your individual circumstances, objectives and timescales. For instance a portfolio can be constructed to provide regular redemptions to pay for school fees or high levels of income to supplement a pension, or an increased risk profile to try and achieve higher levels of capital growth for when it may be needed in future years. Find out more »

Value Investment Portfolio

The Value Investment Portfolio (VIP) has an overall objective of medium to long-term creation and preservation of wealth utilising an overall medium level of risk. If you wish to pursue a more individual investment policy then our bespoke discretionary service may be more suitable for your needs. Find out more »

Inheritance Tax Portfolio Service

The Inheritance Tax (IHT) Portfolio Service is designed to help limit the effect of inheritance tax without limiting access to and ownership of your capital. By taking advantage of Business Property Relief (BPR) on qualifying shares you can claim 100 per cent tax relief once the portfolio has been held for two years. Find out more »


  • Investments and income arising from them can fall in value and you may get back less then you originally invested.
  • Tax treatment depends on specific circumstances of each individual and may be subject to change in the future.
  • If you require more guidance with investment decisions or wish to place the management of your portfolio in expert hands, please contact your local branch or call 0113 200 6560 and we will discuss with you the suitability of our services and products.

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