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Frequently Asked Questions

In you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a choice of service channels for all our customers.

FAQs about Nominees

What is the nominee service and what are the advantages?

Around 95 per cent of all UK share purchases are conducted electronically via a Nominee account. The nominee facility allows us to hold your shares electronically, removing the risk of losing a share certificate. For full details please contact the nominee department on 0113 200 6570 or go to the Forms & Downloads section and download a nominee account application form.

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Do you have a facility for nominee clients to vote at AGMs?

Yes, you will need to register for our online Client Web Access. In addition to providing secure access to view recent transactions, valuations, contract notes and statements, the facility also allows you to vote in ballots, view company reports and request attendance at AGMs for companies in which you have shares.

Users have the option to opt-in to receive notifications within the ‘Preferences’ section. Once opted-in, you will receive an email alert notifying you of a new event or report available, and when you next log-in you will be directed to the ‘Messages’ section where details of the Shareholder Notices will be available.

There is no cost for the online voting and viewing company reports facility, but a charge for attending AGMs is applicable.

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Can you provide me with a consolidated tax certificate?

If your stock is held in nominees we will automatically provide you with a consolidated tax certificate at the end of each tax year.

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Do you have a company Report & Accounts request service?

Most companies make company reports available on their website. You can receive notification and access to company reports and accounts for your shareholdings held in a Redmayne-Bentley account via our online Client Web Access

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