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Frequently Asked Questions

In you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a choice of service channels for all our customers.

FAQs about Account Administration

Can I keep funds on deposit?

Yes. This is an account opened and operated by us with a UK bank/building society (which is a member of the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme) for use in connection with your dealing account. Funds are credited/debited to/from the deposit account on settlement day. For funds deposits/withdrawals you would contact your usual executive or the Accounts department on 0113 200 6500. For details of interest on a deposit account please see our Guide to Services & Charges.

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Who do I inform of a change of address?

You will need to inform both Redmayne-Bentley, and also the registrars for each of your share holdings if held outside of a Redmayne-Bentley nominee account. When informing Redmayne-Bentley you will need to supply evidence of your new address such as a utility bill or bank statement. For this reason, changes of address cannot be made online.

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How do I remove my details from your newsletters mailing list?

Except for Equity Insight our newsletter mailing lists are all maintained online, please refer to the subscription centre on this website. Mailing list subscriptions can also be managed through our Client Web Access. Alternatively, contact your usual branch

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How do I close my account?

You may instruct us to close your account verbally unless assets are held or controlled by us, when we will require this in writing. If the account is in joint names we will need written confirmation from both parties.

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Is my sharecard still valid?

Accounts that are dormant for more than a couple of years may be closed down, however if you still have your account number we may be able to re-open it. Please speak to one of our dealers or your usual Redmayne-Bentley contact.

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I am moving overseas will I still be able to trade?

Yes, but your stock will have to be held in a nominee account, we will require evidence of your overseas address such as utility bills or bank statements in English before you can trade.

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I am executor for an estate containing holdings of shares ~ can I sell them?

You will need to send a copy of the grant of probate to each of the registrars for each of the individual shareholdings and also a copy to us so we know who the executors are. Once this is done you can sell the shares.

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How do I withdraw cash from my account?

You will need to contact the accounts department on 0113 200 6500 for a withdrawal from a sharecard account, or the ISA department for a withdrawal from an ISA. All requests to withdraw funds must be made in writing.

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Can I transfer my shares to another person?

Yes, a transfer to anyone except your spouse or a charity will incur a charge to Capital Gains Tax. If your shares are certificated you will need to complete a Gift Transfer Form and send it together with the certificate to the registrars. If the shares are to be transferred from a nominee account in your name to another nominee account in someone else's name this can easily be done subject to the payment of a fee.

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I have lost my certificate. What should I do?

You will need to contact the registrar and arrange for a letter of indemnity. You will usually have to pay for this. You cannot sell your shares if you have lost your certificate. If you do not know who the registrar is, please call us for details. 

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