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Frequently Asked Questions

In you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a choice of service channels for all our customers.

FAQs about ISA & CTF

Has my ISA/JISA application been received?

You will need to check with the department. Please give them a call on 0113 200 6580.

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Can I withdraw cash from my ISA, and if so is there a charge?

Yes, monies can be withdrawn at any time by writing to the ISA department (if you wish to have funds sent to your bank account your bank details will need to be sent with your signature, for this an email can’t be accepted). The charge is £10. If you wish for a CHAPS payment an additional £20 is charged. There is also a £2 charge for payment by cheque, however, there is no charge for payments by BACS.  


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If I wish to close my ISA down how do I proceed?

You may close your ISA down at any time by writing to us. It can be done in three ways: either by selling all the stocks in the account, we will then send a BACS payment to you for the proceeds; or the stock held within the account can be transferred into a nominee account; alternatively your own name (please note there is an additional charge if you require stocks be held in certificated form. There is no closure fee, but there is a £15 transfer out charge per line of stock with a maximum of £195. 

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Can I use a business cheque to subscribe to my ISA account?

No. You are declaring that funds subscribed are your own, although if you can prove the business is solely owned by you then we will accept this cheque.

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How do I transfer accounts held elsewhere to Redmayne-Bentley?

Simply complete an ISA, JISA or CTF  to JISA transfer form, available at our Forms and Downloads page and send it to us, we will do the rest! You will need to complete one form for each ISA or CTF account you wish to transfer to us. Please note we can only accept transfers of CTFs into our JISA service. 

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I wish to subscribe funds to my child’s JISA or CTF account, how can I do this?

There are a few different ways this can be done. You can send us a cheque (payable to Redmayne-Bentley and the account number written on the back). You can set up a standing order for a set monthly amount (please contact our ISA department for a form) alternatively you can pay by debit card (simply give us a call on 0113 200 6580 and we will process the card straightaway).

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