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Frequently Asked Questions

In you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a choice of service channels for all our customers.

FAQs about Information & Advice

Can you give me advice on my shareholdings?

We can only provide you with factual information and consensus opinion unless you are a client of our advisory service. For further information please see the investment management section of the website.

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What is the dividend yield and p/e ratio?

Please refer to our Glossary.

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What does ex-dividend (xd) mean and can it result in div claim?

Please refer to the Glossary for a definition of ex-dividend. If you sell a share in the few days preceeding when a stock goes ex-dividend the registrars may still have had you on the register on the 'record date' ~ the date they calculate who the dividend is to be paid to. For this reason you may receive a dividend you are not entitled to (the right to the dividend transfer when you sell it unless it is ex-div). We may then have to claim the dividend back from you in order to pay it to the rightful recipient.

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How do you run an Investment club?

Full details on Investment Clubs can be downloaded from the Forms & Downloads section of the site.

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