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We have compiled a comprehensive A-Z glossary of share dealing and investment terms.


With an advisory portfolio, the stockbroker will offer advice on which shares a client should buy or sell, but ultimately it is the client’s decision whether to act on this advice or not. In many cases this kind of service will attract an annual percentage fee as well as commission on each transaction. An advisory service is usually only available for larger portfolios (£50,000 and upwards) and after the client has signed an agreement form.

A completed application form or agreement in respect of any service that we offer.


The Alternative Investment Market is a market for growing companies, with less stringent conditions for listing than those for the FTSE. AIM-listed stocks are considered higher risk than fully-listed shares due to the fact they are smaller companies and less liquid (i.e. there are fewer buyers and sellers).

The appropriateness test is a requirement introduced by MiFID which aims to increase investor protection in the non-advised market to seek whether the client has the knowledge and experience, to the extent appropriate to the nature of the client, service and product, to understand the risks involved in the transaction or service that is envisaged.

At Best Order
A customer order to buy or sell at the best price possible in the market at that moment.

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