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Forms & Downloads

We have provided a series of downloadable forms (in PDF format) to help you apply for our share dealing and investment products and services, or modify your account.

Share Dealing

Adobe PDF - Download

A Guide to Investing in the Stock Market | (1.98 MB)

A Guide to Investing in the Stock Market is a useful guide into the world of stocks and shares, stockbrokers and stock markets.

Adobe PDF - Download

A Simple Guide to Buying and Selling Shares | (0.19 MB)

Fact Sheet providing a simple guide to buying and selling shares.

Adobe PDF - Download

Best Execution Policy | (0.20 MB)

The Best Execution Policy details our regulatory obligations in ensuring that we transact client's orders quickly, efficiently and with their best interests firmly to the fore.

Adobe PDF - Download

Collective Investments | (0.13 MB)

Fact Sheet on Collective Investments

Adobe PDF - Download

Company Refs | (0.24 MB)

Fact Sheet to help you find your way around company refs.

Adobe PDF - Download

Complex Instruments: Appropriateness Assessment | (0.41 MB)

This form is for those dealing with complex instruments including warrants and other derivatives.

Adobe PDF - Download

CREST Personal Membership Account | (0.15 MB)

With a CREST Personal Member Account you can gain access to electronic settlement by nominating a stockbroker to manage your shareholdings for settlement purposes only.

Adobe PDF - Download

Crest Transfer Form | (0.02 MB)

The Crest Transfer Form allows you to transfer stock into your nominee account or on the sale of certificated stock.

Adobe PDF - Download

Derivatives | (0.13 MB)

Fact Sheet on Derivatives.

Adobe PDF - Download

Exchange Traded Commodities | (0.14 MB)

Fact Sheet on Exchange Traded Commodities.

Adobe PDF - Download

Fact Sheet- Bare Trusts | (0.13 MB)

This fact sheet has been put together to act as a rough guide to establishing a simple trust account, commonly known as a bare trust.

Adobe PDF - Download

Fixed Interest Vehicles | (0.18 MB)

Fact Sheet on Fixed Interest Vehicles such as Government Bonds.

Adobe PDF - Download

Guide to Services and Charges UK | (0.66 MB)

Our Guide to Services and Charges outlines the services we offer and our standard dealing and custody charges for UK clients.

Adobe PDF - Download

Hedge Funds | (0.13 MB)

An introduction to Hedge Funds and how they work.

Adobe PDF - Download

ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) | (0.11 MB)

Fact Sheet on ICAP Securities & Derivatives Exchange (ISDX).

Adobe PDF - Download

Penny Shares | (0.11 MB)

Fact Sheet on Penny Shares.

Adobe PDF - Download

Real Estate Investment Trusts | (0.14 MB)

Fact Sheet on real estate investment trusts.

Adobe PDF - Download

Rights Issue Information Sheet | (0.26 MB)

Information sheet about Rights Issues

Adobe PDF - Download

Terms and Conditions | (1.36 MB)

Our Terms and Conditions are a comprehensive guide to our provision of services, your responsibilities, opening your account, dealing, settlements, and many other aspects of our share dealing services.

Adobe PDF - Download

Trust Account Application Form | (0.36 MB)

The Trust Account Application form is used to supply details of the trustees when opening a trust account.

Adobe PDF - Download

Warrants and Covered Warrants | (0.14 MB)

Fact Sheet on Warrants and Covered Warrants

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