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What our Clients Say

At Redmayne-Bentley client feedback is very important to us.

What our Clients Say

"Clear guidance, knowledgeable and able to explain complex issues, quick responses and attentive to the customer - a pleasure to deal with, as always."
- 7th July 2015, Mr G (Execution-only Share Dealing client)

"I have just read my biannual portfolio resume and I thank you for the very astute way you have handled my affairs. Your precise way of explaining actions and accomplishing the success and profitability of individual investments whilst conforming to the overall strategic aims of the portfolio are explained, devoid of broker jargon, so that even a basic ignoramus such as myself can understand what is going on. Thank you Gurdeep, you are a top man."
- 24th June 2015, Mr G (Discretionary client)

"It was a pleasure working with you last year and hope that we will continue for many more years to come."
- 8th January 2015, Miss E (Execution-only Share Dealing client)

"Thanks for your email. I only wish [others] were as pro-active in their approach as you."
- 6th January 2015, Mrs T (Discretionary client)

"Many thanks again for the excellent service this year. The cash which you forwarded earlier this year was very useful and put to good use."
- 17th December 2014, Mr & Mrs D (Discretionary clients)

"We have now received the sale proceeds for the US shareholding and I want to thank you very much for all your help in this matter. This is the first probate file where I have had to sell shares abroad and I really didn't know where to start, so your help and service has been invaluable."
- 27th November 2014, Rigby Golding Solicitors

"No improvement necessary. Excellent service during the years I have invested with you."
- 15th October 2014, Mrs D (Execution-only ISA client)

"I flew to UK to sort out my financial affairs. My bank was unable to assist me in any way at all, so I called a friend and left a message asking for his urgent help as I only had a week in UK. He lost my number and only contacted me a day later... by which time, I had Googled for the nearest stockbroker, the first company did not answer their phone, the second, Redmayne-Bentley answered after 2 rings. I was put through to Malcolm Bracken in Hitchin... within the hour, I was in his office and he had no problem getting my old share certificates dematerialized and all the paperwork sorted out within 15 minutes. He also did my first trade that day...

My friend, called me... "Too late" I said... I already got sorted thanks. He was horrified that I had not "checked you out first" ... He asked for your details ... called me back within seconds... "you got lucky Judy... they are ok!!!"

Phew ... nice to know one can rely on Google and that I did indeed get lucky. Nice dealing with your company... it was just so easy!"

- 8th August 2014, Miss VL (Execution-only Share Dealing client)

"I realise I may be quite unique in my views and thank you for being sensitive to them! We thought its good anyway spreading the load if our investments are a bit different and trust your judgement. We feel we have been well matched."
- 17th July 2014, Mr & Mrs B (Advisory clients)

"I write to congratulate you on the Equity Insight publication, which is chatty, covers the prime area of clients' likely interest and is well pitched in technical terms. (I say this as the recently retired Investment Director of Barclays Stockbrokers, and now a client of yours).

Keep up the good work."

- 10th July 2014, Mr H (Equity Insight subscriber and execution-only Share Dealing client)

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