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Our History

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The Years 1800-1899


This period marks the start of Redmayne-Bentley's history within the stockbroking industry. In 1844 the Leeds Stock Exchange Association was founded during the height of the railway boom.

Around this time trading took place between 10am and 3.30pm.

John Redmayne, a Yorkshire Bank Clerk set up his own stockbroking firm in 1875 just before steel and electricity stocks led to the stock market boom. In 1876 he was elected as a member of the Leeds Stock Exchange.

His main aim was to provide a first class service to clients. This still remains our priority for Redmayne-Bentley today.

John Redmayne's Deed Box & Ledger.
These artefacts are on display in the Redmayne-Bentley boardroom.

The Years 1900-1939


The first branch office of Redmayne & Co was opened in Harrogate in 1900. During this time the UK led the world in the volume of stock market business although four years of market decline followed the First World War.

Over at the London Stock Exchange (LSE) top hats and bowler hats were introduced as a formal rule in 1909 to distinguish between 'jobbers' and 'brokers'. Jobbers wore top hats and would conduct business on the trading floor, whereas brokers wore bowler hats and acted as agents on behalf of the public. During quieter times at the LSE traders could often be found reading a newspaper or partaking in raucous games. In 1923 the London Stock Exchange received its own Coat of Arms with the motto 'Dictum Meum Pactum' which translates to 'My Word is My Bond'.

In 1923 Gavin Loudon joined the firm; over his career he oversaw the merger of Redmayne & Co, with FW Bentley & Co and JW Granger & Co. He also became Chairman of the Leeds Stock Exchange.

In early 1930 the Great Depression reached Britain as world trade continued to fall, however, in 1933 the markets began to pick up.

The Years 1940-1979


The Second World War saw stock market membership decline again as the government and colonial supported the stock market through the war. Post-war a nationalisation programme began of coal, railways, the Bank of England, steel, gas and electricity. The fifties were a decade of prosperity as rationing ended and the stock market became more accessible to ordinary people. The bull market gathered pace as retail stores boomed.

The following decade cemented Redmayne-Bentley as you know it today with the merger of Redmayne & Co, FW Bentley & Co, and JW Granger & Co. The Partners at the helm were Gavin Loudon, Bill Sidgwick, Reg Griffiths and Keith Loudon, Keith joined the firm in 1962.

The seventies saw the first female members admitted to the market and the Leeds Stock Exchange amalgamated with the London Stock Exchange. 1974 reached the height of the bear market as investors left the market after a sharp fall by 70%, however, a year later investors returned to see the market make record gains of 136.3%.

The Years 1980-1994


The FTSE 100 opened on 3rd January 1984 with a base level of 1000 index points and is now one of the most widely used stock indices in the world. This decade saw a major privatisation programme implemented by the Conservative government. The programme saw 10 water companies float on the same day in 1989 and 12 electric companies float on the same day in 1990.

The 'Big Bang' in 1986 paved the way for dramatic changes at Redmayne-Bentley with record trade volumes and nine Redmayne-Bentley branches opened across the UK.

In the eighties staff numbers grew and Keith Loudon, Allan Collins and Bob Howe were the current Partners of Redmayne-Bentley at this time. Redmayne-Bentley's Judith Speight became the first lady dealer in Leeds and Rachel Mallinson became the first lady member of the Leeds Stock Exchange. In 1993 David Loudon, managing partner, joined the firm.

In 1992, the firm's fortnightly newsletter Equity Insight was launched. It celebrated its 500th issue in 2011 and is still published today.

The Years 1995-2003


The mid-nineties brought change to the Redmayne-Bentley Partnership with David Loudon and Michael Coleman being appointed Partners. The investing public received windfall shares from the demutualisation of building societies. Redmayne-Bentley received a number of accolades including UK Stockbroker of the Year at the Investors Chronicle Awards.

Carol Vorderman launched Share Aware week in 1998 at Leeds Town Hall. The aim was to inform and educate the public about the benefits of stock market investment.

The end of the century saw the stock market reach its peak at 6930.2 with the technology, media and telecoms boom; so bargains and client levels were boosted. During the dot-com boom technology companies entered the stock market and experienced rapid growth, which lifted the market as a whole. But the boom was short-lived as soon after the bubble burst and many companies disappeared from the market.

Redmayne-Bentley brought it's presence to the high street with the 'Stocks and Shares Shop' and 13 new branches, continuing the firm’s emphasis on providing an accessible service. In 2003 Michael Wheeler and Stuart Davis became Partners.

TV camera and radio facilities were installed so the firm's staff could provide comment on the market. Broadcasts were regularly made for BBC, Sky, ITV, CNBC and Bloomberg.

The Year 2004 until the present day


The firm celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2005 and Senior Partner Keith Loudon was invited to open the day's trading at the London Stock Exchange. The firm began a programme of expansion and acquisition by acquiring financial services software company Minnie Business Systems and the private client business of SP Angel and Teathers. This period also saw the opening of several new branches.

Redmayne-Bentley achieved Investors in People standard in 2005. An accolade the firm continues to achieve.

The 2008 Credit Crunch saw volatile markets but Redmayne-Bentley continued to grow with the opening of its first overseas branch in Cork, Ireland in 2009. In 2011 the Head Office in Leeds relocated to new offices at 9 Bond Court, complete with a new shop front, conference room and private client meeting rooms.

The firm continues to expand its high street presence through acquisition which included the private client business Fyshe Horton Finney in 2013. The firm has constantly received prestigious accolades from Shares Magazine, Investors Chronicle and the City of London Wealth Management Awards including Stockbroker of the Year in 2011 and 2014. Senior partner, Keith Loudon received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his services to the stockbroking industry from the City of London. Redmayne-Bentley will celebrate its 140th anniversary in 2015.